Instant results by validating quickly

Having unlimited access to hot water and electricity is not a big deal, is it? People have little interest in their energy as long as it 'just works'. Together with Nuon and EY VODW, we came up with effective ideas that tickle people's interests and lead up to big improvements in their service.

Instant results by validating quickly

Data driven focus

After a thorough analysis of the reasons why people contact Nuon, we identified which primary customer journeys to focus on. Using Design Sprints, we went from very big ideas -which were impossible to achieve within the determined constraints- to slam-dunk improvements that could be executed immediately. And, while we all believed in our ideas, we realise that assumptions are the mother of all f*ckups. Therefor we validated our prototypes with actual real-life customers in order to learn and improve.  


Now what?

While we celebrated the positive response of customers, we knew there was still some work to be done. Like most of our clients, Nuon had limited time to implement improvements, so we helped them establish the right priorities in determining which ideas to pick-up first. This approach led to a rather nice iterative process; no big bang launch (!!), but incremental improvements to an existing product. Big plus: this takes the challenges that arise from user adoption out of the equation, while getting instant results.


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