Decision Sprint

A 1-2 day sprint to find the right solution for the right problem.

Decision Sprint


Reduce the risk of building the wrong product.

Too many ideas, not enough focus.

This 1-2 day sprint is perfect for innovation teams who have either too many, or too littlie innovative projects. We help you answer the question: What to build next? Where to allocate our innovation budget?

Focusing on your current business strategies and focus customers, we help you choose the Big Bets to focus on. We don’t choose sexiness, we choose a solid business case – based on the problems your customers are facing now (or, problems your internal organization is facing).Our sprint-motto is always: build with the end in mind. We want our customers to innovate for long-term business value. This means that during our sprints, we focus on designing products that fits your tech infrastructure, your strategic objectives, and your organizational readiness for the product. This sprint is ideal for corporate digital innovations.


What do we deliver?

business cases

Business Cases

While every participant delivers 1-2 well defined concepts during the Sprint, we will choose and write out 1-2 business cases for the best ideas. We understand that budget allocation is needed, so use templates that have a proven track record. If needed, the chosen concepts are market-tested by our UX team.

ideation toolkit

Ideation Toolkit

We’ll give you all the tools we used during the workshop so that your teams can keep using them in future business challenges. Also, your team will hands-on learn ideation techniques, so they are equipped to facilitate their own Decision Sprint when needed.

buy in


The Decision Sprint is about choosing ideas that we want to build. So it’s important to gather key stakeholder buy-in. That is why we recommend having key decision makers involved in the process. This is usually done at the end of day 2, where we present the winning concepts in a preformatted slidedeck to the decision makers.

Program Overview

The structure of our Decision Sprint

Too many ideas, not enough focus.

Trust the process

A Decision Sprint takes 1 to 2 days (preferably). Although creativity is important, we always stick to (and trust) the process. That being said, every organization will need a tailored program. The program overview below will give you a general idea of what an Decision Sprint could look like, but our Sprint Specialists will decide the specific tools and techniques that best suits your needs.

Day 1: Ideation

On the first day, it’s about understanding your playing field and connecting your strategic objective with your core customers and their goals. The process will involve the Job To Be Done framework and Empathy Mapping. An important outcome is a shared understanding of key priorities and opportunities. We also choose the first 1-3 winning concepts, as a high level product idea.

Day 2: Concepting

Now that you have chosen 1-3 winning concepts, we spend the second day framing the potential business models. The outcome of the second day is a set of business models, drilled down to the smallest ready-to-build product (which later can be prototyped and tested). At the end of the day, we design a pitchable business case and present it to key stakeholders.


Why Xebia Studio

Get access to 300+ specialists with worldwide product development experience


Speed comes
with focus

Letting the best people make the right decisions in an focused environment makes you go fast.


Only prototype what
can be built

Make sure your product is ready for your organization’s infrastructure, and vice versa.


Design Sprint is a tool,
not magic

Validating an idea is important, but it’s what happens after that counts.

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