Innovation Team

A full service team to bring your product to market in weeks in stead of months

Innovation Team

Program overview

Speed up your innovation cycles.

We focus not only on building the right things, but also on building things right. ‘Right’ means we build the product not only for user-fit security and scale, but also to embed the product in your organizational infrastructure.

Let our innovation team be your guide.

Your business is as good as it’s people. This also applies for your product innovations. Most corporates lose speed and quality, because they lack a full focused innovation team. Xebia Studio solves this problem. With a close-knit team of experts in Product Management, UX, Data Science, and Software Engineering we create digital products in weeks instead of months.

We build with the end in mind. This means we always create our products ready to scale, without sacrificing speed. We want our clients to innovate for long-term business value. This means that during our innovation sprints, we focus on building products that fit your current infrastructure, your strategic objectives, and your organizational readiness.


What can you expect?


Greenfield products, built to scale

Legacy IT systems hold back innovation. We build greenfield products ready to scale. We always have a bird’s-eye view on building the product for infrastructure-fit.


Backed by
Xebia Group

You are backed by Xebia Group, with over 300 IT specialists. Customers choose Xebia Studio because our team can scale up in no time


An innovation

We strive to upgrade your corporate innovation skills. Innovation is about people, about culture. Building a strong innovation culture depends on the right mindset

How we work

Our process

We craft products that bring your digital ideas to life by going through a process in which we focus on finding the sweet spot between customer and business.



We get to the core of the problem your (potential) customers are facing. We empathize with their needs to really understand what they are looking for.



When we truly understand the problem, we can start finding solutions that are a perfect fit. We involve users in this process as much as possible.



Before we spend time building a high-quality product, we validate the ideas through prototyping and usability research to make sure we don’t waste any resources later on.



Through agile development practices like Scrum, we build a high quality first version of the product and launch it into the market.



After the initial launch, the product needs to grow up. You can nurture it yourself, or you can leave everything up to us to make sure you stay ahead of the pack.

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