Insurance through the customer's eyes

Companies that offer outstanding customer experiences grow faster and more profitably. To reach this level, insurers must shift perspective to improve customer journeys. Providing best-in-class service means seeing things through the eyes of the customer. Interpolis asked us to inspire them by creating UX concepts that focus on prevention and create a solid foundation for the future.

Crafting a happy experience

If you think about it, insurance is rather complicated. Insurance claims are a loss for both insurer as customer; they both take a hit. From the customer's perspective, filling an insurance claim often means they've endured an unpleasant life experience.

On the other hand, insurance companies have to incur costs to compensate for these claims. What if we change the way the system works and focus on a more happy experience in the way of prevention, so both parties can save time, money and a lot of hassle?

Real life experiences

Research first. To grasp the impact an insurance company has on the life of it's customers, we interviewed experts from Interpolis. These experts varied from Customer Care Agents to Claim Managers who help customers when they're in need. From all these real life stories we got familiar with the small (and not so small) anecdotes that make up real life experiences. Fueled by these insights, we gathered inspiration to create solutions that would be helpfull to the customer.

One of the major and rather shocking insights was that whenever a business encounters a major calamity, such as fire, they have an incredible high risk of bankruptcy the following 2 years!

To be continued

After a month of immersion, where we did extensive interviews, brainstorm-and co-creation sessions, we drew up 12 unique concepts. To help Interpolis determine how and to what extent each concept would contribute to their bussiness goals, we applied a matrix to determine required effort and estimated impact.

All the concepts where presented to the board of Interpolis and a short list of 5 concepts was made. These concepts will be developed by Interpolis, to be released as a new product or service.

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